Band History


Solarfest Spring '86 - One of our early shows in Tom's backyard

Originally a trio, The Kind started as Mark McLeod (vocals, guitar), Wendy Herron (vocals, guitar), and Tom Snediker (lead guitar, vocals). The Kind played its first show on 1/31/86 at Tom's 20th birthday party.

At this party the trio was joined by Keith Cooley (bass, vocals, guitar), Alex Hamilton (keyboards, vocals), Tim Taylor (drums), and Dave Ruggio (guitar, vocals). The Kind played in the New River Valley area for the next year and then made a 6-7 week venture to the west coast with spiritual advisor Henry Kelley who also did incredible psychedelic lightshows with Bay Area legend Jerry Abrams and Headlights. The Kind also began its 12 year stint of Wednesday night gigs in Blacksburg. Most of the time was spent at our alltime favorite spot - South Main Cafe. This bar became our home, unfortunately South Main was closed. After trying a couple of different places, we have settled into the Cafe at Champs and continue to play weekly.

Tim Taylor at Greek Week in Hampden-Sydney

In 1988, the bassist shuffle begins as Keith leaves and the several year search to replace him begins. First up was Kurt Kratch (bass), followed by D. J. Crotteau (bass), Gerry Skenderian (bass), Tom Lehman (bass), then Steve "Slash" Hunt (bass) and Greg Bump (bass).

Gerry Skenderian and Tom Lehman

Somewhere during that shuffle other members joined and moved on again. Lynnie Butler Golan (vocals) wailed alongside Wendy for awhile. Joringle Starchild (percussion) came in for a long stay on percussion.

Joringle Starchild

At our home - the legendary South Main Cafe

No sooner than the bassist issue been solved, Tim decides to move on and the search for a new drummer began. Kris Hodges (founder of Floydfest) kept the backbeat with a smile, Thomas Wilson of Red Weather helped out a lot, and George Penn, of the Yams From Outer Space and Sol Creech, sat in on a few shows. Then Rick Godley from Sonic Leon got the call to the drum throne and has occupied it ever since.

Rick Godley

During Kris's stay as drummer, Keven Aland (violin) joined the group for a year. Keven is a classically trained violinist who now plays with Lotus Fire in Florida.

In 2004 Danny Dunlap (Guitar, Vocals, Synth Guitar) of the Electric Woodshed joined the group and has shared his many talents ever since.

Danny Dunlap

Other frequent guests with The Kind have included Craig Willoughby (also of Crossties) on mandolin, Jonathon Barker on keyboards, Jeff Pertchick on keyboards, Roger Gupta on bass, Mandy Snediker on vocals, and former members galore, and recently we have been blessed with several appearances of Scott Fore, Winfield National Flatpicking Champion. Beach shows (every summer at Port O Call in Nag's Head, NC) tend to be reunions with every variation of band members past, present, and future.

Where are they now?
Tim Taylor - Moved to paradise (Hawaii) a few years ago and has established himself playing with several bands. He has also qualifield for the Ironman competition where he will swim 2.4 miles, bike 110 miles, and run a marathon (26.2 miles) in 17 hours or less.

Mark McLeod - After finishing his doctorate in economics and becoming a top-rated faculty member at Virginia Tech, Mark accepted a faculty postion at Penn State. Our loss is Happy Valley's gain.

Tom Lehman - Tom is in the statistics graduate program at UNC Chapel Hill and is playing with a band there.

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